I love Nirvana, and I love Kurt

I love Nirvana, and I love Kurt

> In Heavier Than Heaven, Charles R. Cross cites the line “She’s over-bored and self-assured” and states the song “could not have been about anyone else.”

To add my thoughts on a few things it was clear that Kurt was devastated when Toni vail (who used teen spirit,her scent.)broke up with him,and he wrote at least 6 songs about her. (By the way this happened in 1990 and as in the cross book it’s says a new character appeared in Kurt’s journal and would soon spring into every image,song story,this was heroine.(which was Kurt’s own “bastardisation” of the word heroin) Which became his great love in the fall of 1990. He overcame his fear of needles and injected for the first time with a friend that fall.

He also said he really liked it and it made him more sociable. So now you know all this. Just enjoy the pure Genius of the Lyrics.

If you really think that this song had that much thought put into it, that it became a gumbo pot of metaphors that not even Bob Dylan could pretend to decipher than you are smoking too much salvia and not getting out of your parents basement enough.

There are people who try to make their songs as complex as possible and it doesn’t come to be called art. It is called Techno.

As an ex heroin addict myself. I am confident in saying this song may have been written while on a squinting-eyed, heavy headed, dose of what I used to refer of as “normal”.

Cross’ biography of Kurt Cobain, the author argues that the song is a reference to Cobain’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Tobi Vail

Smells Like Teen Spirit is Nirvana’s sell out song. (more…)

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